Why Buy Gold

Gold has always been in demand especially in countries such as India where gold jewellery is hugely popular, around October when the Indian wedding season peaks gold often sees its highest global demand. Other countries include China where storing gold bars for saving is a tradition.

Demand for gold has recently increased amongst investors who are beginning to see that gold is a great investment opportunity and should be a permanent part of their investment portfolios.

Here at Shires Gold we highly recommend that bullion should be an important part of your diversified investment portfolio. There are many reasons as to why however one of the strongest is its price which has been proven to rise rather than fall in response to events that often cause the value of stocks and bonds, to decrease therefore lowering any risk of loss of investment.

Although it is important to mention that the price of gold can fluctuate over short periods of time, it has always maintained its value long term often showing an increase making it well worth an investment.

Fairtrade Gold

Fairtrade Certified Gold is the world’s first independent ethical certification system for gold.

When you buy from Shires Gold you are making a real difference to the lives of the miners as well as their families & communities. Buying jewellery that features the Fairtrade Gold Stamp means you know that the small-scale and artisan miners were paid a fair price, helping them to have strong financial security.

The miners also receive an amount of money on top of this to invest in building the futures of their families and the community they live in, through a range of projects including education and medical care.

Invest In Your Future

Shires Gold offers a monthly bullion investment to build your own personal investment for later life. You can order anything from 1 gram to 250 grams a month set up through a standing order with your bank.

Once the payment is received at the beginning of each month we will send you your bullion bar to you direct recorded postage or you are welcome to collect it from one of our franchise stores.

As the price of gold is always changing we agree to contact you if the price ever fluctuates by more than 5% from the set price on your contract at the time of taking the contract out with ourselves.

When we contact you regarding the fluctuation you can either cancel your monthly payment or choose to continue at the new agreed rate, this ensures you are always getting the best price on your gold investment.

*All cancellations have to be given with one months notice.