Welcome To Shires Gold

Shires Gold was started in 2012 on the basis of creating a safe way for you to purchase and sell your Gold & Silver discreetly.
We all have reasons to sell, whether it is to help pay an electric bill, Inherited jewellery that your never going to wear or even just old broken jewellery that has been sitting in a safe place for years.


Here you can be at peace knowing you will be treated with upmost respect to help you find the service that best suites your needs.


Don’t hesitate to contact us on info@shiresgold.co.uk for any inquires that you may have.

We Buy Gold

Everyone has gold hiding away in draws, on your vanity desk or even on the counter top. You know the ones,  they’ve been there for years whilst you decide if you will ever wear them again! Why not bring them in or post them to Shires Gold so that we can value them for you.

We Buy Silver

Now is a great time to sell all your unwanted silver! You’ve probably got some lying around the house somewhere whether its earrings, a bracelet or a necklace it all has value. It might not be trendy or something you could see yourself wearing again so why not trade it in at Shires Gold.

We Buy Platinum

Platinum can sometimes be overlooked however it still does have value and if you have some platinum jewellery broken or not Shires Gold will value you it for you and buy it at a competitive price, what are you waiting for?

We Buy Palladium

We give great prices on palladium, with the demand being high on palladium the prices are the highest in years. Come on in or post to us for a free quotation and immediate payment.

We Buy Rolled Gold

Rolled Gold is a thin coating of gold that is applied to lesser metals to create a more expensive look for such items as Pocket Watches, Lockets, Chains and many other types of jewellery.

We have been one of the main buyers of Rolled Gold in Warwickshire as many of the general public did not realise there is a value to this type of metal.


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Phone number: 01926 882 552
Email Address: sales@tjfjewellers.co.uk