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We've been Involved in jewellery and gold for several years and are now based in Leamington Spa.


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We purchase all unwanted gold - in the form of jewellery, ornaments, medals or other items! Visit your local, reputable expert for a friendly, no obligation valuation and immediate payment if you're satisfied. We will never pressure you to sell. We believe we offer the most competitive prices!

Jewellery repairs, including ring resizing, stone replacement and renovating most broken or damaged items

We're right in the centre of Leamington Spa, based at the Living Designs shop adjacent to the Royal Priors shopping centre - why not pop in to get a quote?


We buy your gold and silverWe buy your gold and silver
immediate payment for your unwanted
jewellery or ornaments - even ingots!
Bring your items to the shop and we'll immediately quote
a price with no obligation for you to sell.
jewellery repairsJewellery repairs - free quotations
Ring alterations
Stone resets
Broken necklaces and bracelets
...and more
quality jewellery for saleA selection of quality jewellery for sale
Silver and other jewellery on display in shop at unbelievable prices!
We also specialise in sourcing jewellery for you - just advise the design required and we'll search it out


We're in the centre of Leamington Spa - based at the Living Designs shop next to the Royal Priors shopping centre in the walkway leading from Park Street. Or turn right just before you reach the Royal Priors Regent Street entrance.
No cash or valuables are ever left on the premises - Warwickshire Police

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